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February 28, 2013

After the Reflection, are you returning to the Summit for the Bermuda sailing. I'll be on June 2. Hope to see you then.

Ronnie Alves

December 24, 2012

Hi Robert,I purchased the first 2 tapes about 8-10 yrs ago,enjoy them a lot.I am from Bermuda,I got them at the Airport.I will look for the 3rd one.
I purchased a VistaPan,I am learning.
Keep up the good work,might see you on a cruise!!!!!
Kind regards Ron.


May 5, 2012

Hi Robert
We will be travelling on the Summit next Jan for the southern caribbean itinerary and our room will be above the Sunset you have any plans to be onboard the ship at that time and would love to hear your music. We love the steel pan music!!!!

Judy Ruiz

January 10, 2012

I really love your music. We were on the ferry from Hamilton and enjoyed listening to you. You sure are talented and I cannot wait to purchase your cds.


October 21, 2011

Awesome site.thanks for sharing


October 3, 2011

very cool website! Cool pics and music samples.

Hey Robert

September 5, 2011

Robert, your music is great and well mixed with a lot of soul as always. I met you way back in the 70's and we played together in the Jungle Room in bda...

Louie Tavares

Tony Bowers

February 7, 2011

Hey Robert,
I love your music. You are very talented. Please check out my website If you ever need a steel drummer in the states let me know. I will do the same. Peace and Gigs,


Hien (Ian) Le

December 15, 2010

Hey I found you. This is Ian. I was on the Celebrity Eclipse with my brother (Jimmy) and my brother-in-law (Le). We discovered your unique and wonderful music and become your fan. You can think the three of us as three Asian amigos loving the Bermuda, Ragae style of music :-). I just got back in the cold Minnesota Monday night and I will forward your website and email address to my family. I just have time to listen to your samples. They are very good and intend to purchase your CDs later. And, I will definitely spread the words to others. Talk to you later and have a wonderful day!

R. Dearring

September 25, 2010

I bought vol 2 while vacationing in BDA. It was the best thing I took from BDA. The music always reminds me of the pleasant ocean breezes, the tranquility of BDA and the wonderful peace I felt cruising to BDA. It instantly changes my mood to calm and relaxed. I have been listening to the CD since Sept 2008! no joke.


May 30, 2010

I have all your CDs and enjoy them immensely. I hope to meet you someday on one of the cruises. Thank you.

Tom & Maureen Bachand

April 20, 2010

Thanks for your outstanding performances on our cruise last week on the Equinox. Besides being a gentleman, your style, skill, and just great music were the highlights of our cruise. Thanks again.


April 16, 2010

i love the feeling u have for playing steel pan

Chloe Kempe

February 8, 2010

love your music!


January 16, 2010

i have listened to your sample music and love it..i am currently during a project at my school on steelpan and these songs will do great ......thank you and keep up the great music!

Robert Lee

November 27, 2009

Hey cousin,

How are you? Good to see you're still going with the music.

Daryle Ackerman

September 27, 2009

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I like 'I Could Fall in Love With You' -- good rendition!

Cheers from western Canada.


September 25, 2009

Hey Rob great music, I want to know where I can purchase a beginners music book at I live in Winston Salem NC 27106 music for playing the stell pans

Manny Kellough

July 1, 2009

Rob -
Your website is , .............. GREAT !
I think you are a great Musician keep up the good
work !


May 27, 2009

steel pan rules

Ms. J. M. Watkins

March 30, 2009

Robert it was a pleasure meeting you and watching you play the steel pan.
I've always been amazed at how one can play so well with a pan.
May God continue to bless and keep you.

Onesource Review

February 6, 2009

Great site, keep up the good work!


December 24, 2008

Hey rob
I like your cd. Great tunes and coverversions.
I hope you have some fun on solstice.
All the best for the Christmasdays and a very good 2009.
See you again at the 4.
I'm only for 2 days on board.
So far so good


September 23, 2008

Hello Robert. Quite a few years ago now, You were playing at the airport in Bermuda while I was waiting to board my plane. I bought your CD and we have enjoyed listening to it ever since. It gets played regularly, especially at dinner time and when we need to relax. Thanks for the good music and I wish you every success.

Hasty Gabs

August 30, 2008

Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us in person, and on CD. Keep up your great work! Best wishes, LB

Fred Crasford

January 23, 2008

I visit Bermuda quarterly on business and would enjoy meeting and hearing you play (& other steel bands if there are some). I started playing the C lead 2 years ago and love it. We have several steel bands at music school here in Vermont. Check out our website

David Bowers

January 23, 2008

Just want to express how daper you look in your formal wear. lol...but seriously, I had know idea about your musical background, and I am thoroughly impressed. I've read the site and it's awesome. Keep in touch.


January 19, 2008

Good evening! I have been researching "island" music for my friends who will be marrying in St. Thomas in May. I came across your site and have fallen in love with your music. Unchained Melody has always been a favorite of mine (and my husband!), but I was absolutely
transported when I heard your version. In fact, I"m buying your CDs as soon as I send you this email (and listen to Unchained Melody one more time)!!! What a wonderful gift you have. My best to you -


Rick Hodgkins

September 20, 2007

Hi Robert,
I met you on the dock last week there in St Georges 9 13 07.
I was the dj who bought one of your discs.
You're music now fills my shop here (boats) and will definitely get playtime with many of the gigs I do.

Fine stuff mon, really fine.
They should invite you on the ship to play sometime.

Thanks again,


Sonia & Darryl Beatty

September 10, 2007

What a pleasure to meet you in Bermuda while we were on vacation. We travel to Bermuda each year and came across your first CD. Now we have all of them and we're looking forward to the next. Will be in touch soon...hopefully to get you to play in the New York/New Jersey area!
Fondest of Luck

St.Luke's Steel Band , New Haven, Ct

August 21, 2007

Hi Robert,

This is Donna. We met in the clock tower mall in Bermuda. This is our steel bands website.


Ann McCullough

August 17, 2007

Hi Robert, while visiting the Bermuda on my cruise your music caught not only my ear but also my heart. You are a truly a blessed artist and I am so happy that I purchased your volume three cd it is absolutely beautiful. I am going to purchase volumes 1 & 2 also.
I was the lady in the red top who purchased the cd with Lady in Red recorded on it.

Paula Inscoe

June 24, 2007

You represent what Bermuda was and should be. Thank you for your peaceful love.

Liz & Vince Rangan

June 17, 2007

We recently heard you perform in St. George. We purchased two of your CDs and really enjoy listening to both of them, ("Tropicana Steel Pan", & Volume 3).

We're wondering if you've ever done "Over the Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz"?

Stan Katz

June 16, 2007

I will be visiting Bermuda via Royal Carribbean on Tuesday and Wednesday and =hope to hear your music in person.

Joe Kzonme

June 12, 2007

Your music will always be an inspiration to me...

Jennifer and Joel Carpenter

June 8, 2007

We just wanted to thank you soooo much for playing wonderful music at our wedding! You were fantastic, and we were so lucky to have hired you!! Thanks, too, for the cd of your music. It will always remind us of our special night:) Thanks again, Robert!!!

Quinton & Anita Bean

May 13, 2007

May 13, 2007


Congratulations! We enjoyed viewing your website and have enjoyed over the years your CD's.

We wish continued success as you reach out to many through-out the world in pleasant music (steel pan) listening. Have fun and God Bless.

Rusty Booth

April 17, 2007

Love to relax and lisen to the music while I am driving. Brings so many good thoughts while in Bermuda. See you May 1 in St. George and need to get vol. 2.


March 14, 2007

My daughter is getting married in July at the Coco Reef resort. Our consultant has hired a steel pan man. I hope it is you. If not I will definitley be buying your cd's!! Your music is wonderful.


February 15, 2007

greetings from ice-cold Finland!! Would be nice to visit Bermuda some day!!
All the best
Jaakko from Exception To The Rule

Kukuwa Nuamah

October 13, 2006

I am blessed to have met you on my cruise to Bermuda. We were meant to meet for some reason and I look forward to it!! I love your steelpan music and it touches my heart each time I play it! God bless you!!

Mary Jo Fines - Virginia, US

September 11, 2006

Bought your CD last month on my first return to Bermuda after 51 years. It's my favorite of the CDs I brought home with me and I will be ordering the other two. Thanks so much for the beautiful sound. I've been watching the hurricane and hope everyone comes through it OK.

John Green - Steinhatchee, Florida

September 11, 2006

Bought one of your CD's while in Bermuda for Cup Match. I really like your music and I will be buying two more volumes! Hope you make it through the hurricane OK - looks like your going to have a rough time of it. Hunker down and stay inside!


September 10, 2006

I bought a CD while visiting in Bermuda and I love it. Now I am looking to get more.

Charnae Richardson

September 2, 2006

Hi i wanted to know, do you do classes (like lessons) because i did steelpan at my school n i want to countinue on doing it, i enjoy it alot!!

Joli Anderson, Pennsylvania

July 24, 2006

I purchased your 2 CD's (Volume 2 & 3) when I was in Bermuda about 4 weeks ago. I have played and replayed them constantly. I've gotten more compliments on the music playing throughout the house that they always ask about it. I'm passing on your website to people that ask. PS. We are having dinner guest over tonight and I plan on playing them again.

Thanks for such warm and soothing music!!
Joli Anderson

David Simons

July 19, 2006

Hey robert, thanks for everything in baltimore. I really appreciated you coming to see me. I shall keep in contact.
Tell your mom I said hello.


June 26, 2006

Dear Mr. Symons , Just discovered your site and played your music .. what a pure Joy ... you are a one man" SUNNY TROPICAL DAY IN BERMUDA!".. thanks

Evonne von Heussen-Countryman, M.B.E.

May 8, 2006

Dear Mr. Symons:

I have just visited your Web Site, and I am absolutely blown away, not just by your achievements, but also by the very high standard and quality of your music. I have enjoyed listening to all of the songs on the site, and will definately be purchasing the three volumes. I would like to be kept on your mailing list, and to be informed of any new albums when they are released. I am enjoying the Calypso Medley as I write this, and I have never been so beautifully entertained whilest working on my computer. This is the kind of music I would like to have played in my home every day. Unchained Melody is unbelievably beautiful, and played in this mode it is even more beautiful. I have never heard a more beautiful rendition of it. Thank you for sharing both your wonderful talent, and your enjoyment of music with your public, and with me. I wish you luck and prosperity as you move from strength to strength. My brother is also an Independent Musician, and I very much would like him to meet with you. I am hoping to be in Bermuda during the summer to meet with the Chief Minister of Health and with the Health Promotion Coordinator. If you are going to be on home soil, it would be a pleasure to attend one of your Gigs. This is a marvellous site, and I do hope that you get a lot of visitors to it. I am surely passing it on to my friends and family here in England and abroad.

From Evonne.

Dan Dearth / Columbus, Ohio

May 7, 2006

Robert, we were just in Bermuda and what a lovely country! We sat on St Catherines beach and listen to this incredible music than again at Cafe Latte. The owner had your CD's for sale and we bought volume one. Wish I would of got all your music right then. We will..promise! Thanks for such wonderful sounds. Say hi to Papoose when you drop by Cafe Latte'

Nadia Parkhouse (They call me Dee)

April 27, 2006

We met at Clocktower Mall on Sat.,4/22/06.
I bought one of your CD's (which I love!) and had my picture taken with you. It was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to purchasing the remaining CD's. I've told everyone about you! Before long, Frenchtown, NJ will be filled with steel pan music by Robert Symons! Thank you for a lovely afternoon in Bermuda.

Don Rubin

April 2, 2006

I have visited Bermuda many times while in the Royal Canadian Navy, but alas, my last visit was in 71. I am now in a nursing home and use my computer as a stereo and listen to your wonderful pan music daily. If I could, I would dance with the nurses. Many thanks for your talented music.

Larry Bowin

March 25, 2006

Hi Robert: After meeting you in Bermuda last October, my wife Sharon and I truly listening to your Tropicana Steel Pan - Vol 3 many time over. So very relaxing! Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us in person, and on CD. Keep up your great work! Best wishes, LB

Les Derstein

December 30, 2005

Very enjoyable music and quality recording

leeann harvey

October 15, 2005

Robert's music if wonderful, i enjoy listening to the cd's that are played on a daily basis while i venture thru the airport terminal as I work there. Robert keep up the good work and i am sure that the visitors relax to your sweet music as they sit and wait for their flights.


September 25, 2005

i like to playthe steel drums and maybe someday i would become a famous steel pan player just like u

Terry & Darwin Staple

July 5, 2005

Robert, having you play at our rception as my wedding gift to my husband really was a pleasand surprise for him. Having Steel Pan played made him feel like he was home. Trinidad came to Bermuda. Thank you so much.


July 4, 2005

just a hi i like this music hope every one is ok lots of love vicky

Holly Dow

May 20, 2005

Keep doing what you're doing Robert, you are definately a asset to the Island of Bermuda. Keep the Faith.

Lise & Edmund Fox - Bermuda

May 13, 2005

My husband and I saw Robert quite a few years ago on the Grand Princess and we enjoyed his music very much. We've just bought a CD for a guest staying at our house who has just discovered steel pan music. She really likes Robert's CD Tropicana Steel Pan. Great website Robert....

Stan Judson

May 9, 2005

I just ordered a copy of both of your CDs from CD Baby. I first heard your music playing in a store while visiting Bermuda last week. I'm hoping the CDs will be a lasting reminder of my visit and help to ease the pain of waiting to visit your beautiful island again. I can't wait!

John Luscombe

February 18, 2005

Robert: Listening to your at this moment! Love it. Do you still still play at the St Geroges Club in June. If not where will you be playing in June?
Thanks, John

Ben and Sherrie Rich

February 16, 2005

Thinking of you.....