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Robert Symons ~ Tropicana Steel Pan: Blog

Bermuda Steel Pan Music

Posted on December 12, 2016

Bermuda Steel Pan Music

The local choral traditions which created a distinctive Bermudian music style in 1960’s, is the mixer of Calypso and Steelpan Music. Steelpans (also known as steeldrums, pans, or collectively as a steelband) is a musical instrument. The Steelpan music originated in Trinidad and Tobago. 

It is the only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century and is a pitched percussion instrument, tuned chromatically, and made from a 55 gallon drum, the type that stores oil. It was introduced to Bermuda in 1950s mainly by the Esso Steel Band. Esso became popular for selection of Western classical music for the steelpan. Today the steelpan is fairly popular in Bermuda. Although the sound of the steelpan drum is often associated with Calypso music, it also goes as a popular accompaniment to the Classical, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Reggae and many other musical genres.